SAQ follow-up: no luck!

Just a quick after-the-fact update to the previous post about trying to receive the Swedish world heritage VLF transmitter SAQ in Varberg. Me, SA2KNG and DC7IA all made attempts, but neither got anything off the air. SA2KNG provides this transcription based on the audio from SAQ's YouTube livestream:

cq de saq = this is grimeton radio/saq in an extra transmission using the
alexanderson 200 kw alternator on vlf 17.2 khz. today we celebrate the
radio staion as part of the day of industrial culture heritage. we do not
request qsl reports on this transmission. we also plan to transmit on
alexanderson day on july 1st at 09.00 utc and 13.00 utc. = signed world
heritage grimeton radio station and the alexander association = + de saq saq saq

I'm working another post about more FreeCAD fiddling, expect that some time later this week.