Date Title Main tag
2023-07-17 Workers and Resources parser published cybernetics
2023-06-13 Planning code published cybernetics
2023-05-21 Quantifying autonomy in planning cybernetics
2023-04-23 On self-concordant convergence math
2023-04-21 I was on Elossa podcasts
2023-04-01 Another reply to Josef Průša open hardware
2023-03-22 Installing libreboot on a ThinkPad T420 electronics
2023-03-13 I was on The Deprogram! podcasts
2023-02-26 Feasibility is optimal cybernetics
2022-12-20 Marx22 presentation video cybernetics
2022-12-20 Raspberry Pi thermostat electronics
2022-11-21 Shadow plans and ghost shifts cybernetics
2022-11-04 Video version of my Mises critique cybernetics
2022-10-27 I'm going to Marx22 in Stockholm cybernetics
2022-09-21 On Marxian notation cybernetics
2022-07-04 Ubuntu 22.04 support added to FmiGo! fmigo
2022-06-22 Homepage updated, FmiGo mentioned web
2022-06-20 GoBiGas technical coefficients cybernetics
2022-03-23 Planning, cybernetics and socialism, part 2 cybernetics
2022-03-17 Planning, cybernetics and socialism, part 1 cybernetics
2022-02-23 web@ retired web
2022-02-04 Towards large scale linear planning cybernetics
2022-01-21 On vertical integration cybernetics
2022-01-12 BOINC and a Raspberry Pi CPU usage LED electronics
2021-12-27 Equations are now MathML web

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