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Date: 2012-04-08
Party: Revision 2012
Compo: Gamedev
Platform: Atari VCS
Rank: 6th
Group: Me together with Tony Akano

A pong clone where you can shoot your opponent! And a quick partyhack that follows the demoscene tradition of immature names (compare


by Tjoppen and Tony Akano
Released at Revision 2012

The result of waking up two hours before the game compo deadline :)
It's a pong clone for the Atari 2600 VCS,
with the addition of being able to fire missiles.
Use the Color/BW switch to switch between PAL/NTSC.
Fairly buggy, such as:

* The game does not stop after four wins (the planned max score)
* Holding either paddle button down results in the missiles behaving strange
* Reset does not work - you have to manually restart the console
* Bounce sound effect does not work

Game logic, kernel etc. by Tjoppen
Sound effects by Tony Akano

Source code included, for you brave souls.

For Tjoppen's current and future prods, see
Mail: tjoppen at gamedev dot se

Note that I have change e-mail since then.