Welcome to my webzone! On here you'll find information on projects of mine, a file archive and random ramblings on the blog.

My CV, in case you're interested in that: English version, Swedish version.

I'm involved in various free software projects, such as:

Non-profit/hobby organizations:

Other places of mine online:

I try to make this site as compatible with every browser as possible, and as accessible to blind/visually impaired people as possible. Please let me know if there's any markup missing that would improve your experience!

Cookies and such

This site doesn't use any cookies, tracking scripts or any such nonsense. Frankly it is too much hassle for very little gain. I do keep access logs for a few months in case of DoS attacks, like everyone else on the internets. Plus I can parse them and get a feel for how many visitors this site gets; 9102 unique IPs as of 2018-10-05!