Date Title Main tag
2019-11-11 Hacking in to an Archer MR200 router for fun and profit reverse engineering
2019-10-20 Fixing a corrupt sqlite3 database with vbindiff quiterss
2019-08-04 Lifan E3 teardown reverse engineering
2019-07-19 HTTPS problem fixed web
2019-05-19 Demoscene category added demoscene
2019-03-17 Hä - now also over HTTPS! web
2019-01-06 Make sure your website works over Tor, dammit tor
2018-11-20 Trying out Frama-C frama-c
2018-08-25 Rooting and installing LineageOS on a Samsung Galaxy S5 android
2018-08-23 Some site changes web
2018-07-25 solar power
2018-05-16 Solar mount version 6 solar power
2018-05-16 Accept-Language test web
2018-05-15 SAQ follow-up: no luck! radio
2018-04-25 SAQ receiver in GNU Radio radio
2018-04-23 Tor onion service up! tor
2018-04-23 Solar panel source drop freecad
2018-03-17 Triangular solar panel mount version 2 freecad
2018-03-10 Triangular solar panel mount freecad
2018-03-08 Custom CSS web
2018-02-08 FreeCAD follow-up freecad
2018-01-28 Trying out FreeCAD freecad
2018-01-20 Trying out Ada SPARK ada
2017-12-24 Changed landing page, web
2017-09-17 Imported comments, smarter Makefile web

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