Ubuntu 22.04 support added to FmiGo!

Three days ago I pushed support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) to FmiGo. This has been sitting on my disk for a month or two and I finally got around to testing, cleaning it up and pushing it. This post is mostly a shameless ploy to get more inlinks to the site, hopefully boosting it in search results. There are dozens of people reading this. Dozens!

More seriously the work I did on FmiGo was useful for getting an understanding how coupled systems behave. In particular how difficult it is to ensure that two simulators coupled together are numerically stable and don't explode. This has some relevance to the work I'm currently doing on economic planning. It suggests that a loosely coupled economy will tend to be unstable. We see this in the real world with capitalism's tendency to crash every 7 years or so. It is also relevant when it comes to proposals for "decentralized" planning. If the solver itself is decentralized then you will encounter the kind of numerical instabilities we dealt with in the FmiGo project. Note that this doesn't mean that the decisions about what should go into the planning system can't be decentralized. Only that a single set of equations solved in a single solver will be easier to deal with. This amounts to model exchange.