Domain redirects relaxed

A recent email has revealed to me that insisting on redirecting [www.] to www.hä doesn't work as well as I initially expected. Because of IDN rules, despite people copy-pasting links I send them, these links may be presented as Another potential complication is that even if hä copy-pastes fine this is not very accessible for people without an ä key or umlaut modifiers on their keyboards. I have therefore made it so that both and www.hä present the same site. I still have the yes-www redirects in place, so redirects to and hä to www.hä

The specific background for this is this video featuring Paul Cockshott, which has a link to this post with the less-than-pretty domain name. I actually wasn't aware of this video or this problem until earlier today.


  • English speakers may use in place of
  • Swedish speakers may keep using hä as before