Changed landing page,

I have changed the site so that what used to be the "about" page is now the landing page. The only tricky thing with this is that some URL metadata had to be set so that clicking on "Home" brings the user to the root of the site. Like so:

Title: Home
save_as: index.html


I also added a line to to prevent it from generating index2.html, index3.html and so on:


In order to make writing future articles easier I also wrote myself a short script which asks for title and optional category (default: Blog) and generates date, slug, author etc.:

set -e
read -p "Title? " TITLE
[[ -z $TITLE ]] && echo aborted && exit 1
SLUG=$(tr A-Z a-z <<< "$TITLE" | sed -e 's/[^a-z0-9-]/ /g;s/ [ ]*/-/g;s/-[-]*$//')
echo "Title: $TITLE"
echo "Slug: $SLUG"
read -p "Category? [Blog] " CATEGORY
if [[ -z "$CATEGORY" ]]; then CATEGORY=Blog ; fi

echo "Title: $TITLE
Date: $(date --rfc-3339=seconds)
Author: tomas
Category: $CATEGORY
Slug: $SLUG
Status: published

Put ze text here.
" > content/$

./ start 8080 || echo already up
firefox http://localhost:8080/category/blog.html
nano content/$
./ stop

I also made not spam the terminal:

-  $PELICAN --debug --autoreload -r $INPUTDIR -o $OUTPUTDIR -s $CONFFILE $PELICANOPTS &
+  $PELICAN --autoreload -r $INPUTDIR -o $OUTPUTDIR -s $CONFFILE $PELICANOPTS > /dev/null 2> /dev/null &
   echo $pelican_pid > $PELICAN_PID
   mkdir -p $OUTPUTDIR && cd $OUTPUTDIR
-  $PY -m pelican.server $port &
+  $PY -m pelican.server $port > /dev/null 2> /dev/null &