Imported comments, smarter Makefile

Finally got around to importing the comments from the old WordPress site into pelican. I had in mind to write some kind of automatic script to do this, but there were only 11 comments in total which didn't justify spending the time writing a script for it. So I did them all by hand. I only had comments on these three articles:

In the future I'll be handling any comments coming in by e-mail manually, posting the discussion on here if it proves interesting.

I also made the Makefile for the pelican stuff a bit smarter. Now it only runs pelican if the input files actually changed. That rule is constructed by listing all files in $(INPUTDIR) recursively, then escaping spaces before giving the file list to make. Like this:

# Only generate if some file in INPUTDIR changed. Deal with spaces as well.
$(OUTPUTDIR)/index.html: $(shell find $(INPUTDIR) -type f | sed -e 's/ /\\ /g')

publish: $(OUTPUTDIR)/index.html

rsync_upload: publish
    rsync -e "ssh -p $(SSH_PORT)" -P -rvzc --delete \
        $(OUTPUTDIR)/ $(SSH_USER)@$(SSH_HOST):$(SSH_TARGET_DIR) --cvs-exclude

Now there only seems to be one issue left to deal with: HTTPS. But since this site is read-only it's not very high on my list of priorities. But it would be good for learning how Let's Encrypt works.