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Welcome to my file archive. This makes use of mod_autoindex in apache2 with some extra options, namely FoldersFirst. I've tried to add descriptions to as many directories and files as reasonable.
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[DIR]bg2/20-Nov-2018 23:59 - Releases and random files for The Battle Grounds 2, a Half-Life 2 full conversion I worked on between 2005-2012
[DIR]blog/20-Nov-2018 23:59 - Random files linked from the blog
[DIR]vcs/20-Nov-2018 23:59 - Demoscene productions, games and tools for the Atari VCS/Atari 2600 by me and other people
[DIR]wasteland-thewastes/20-Nov-2018 23:59 - Files related to the Half-Life 1 mods Wasteland Half-Life and The Wastes
[DIR]zuse/20-Nov-2018 23:59 - A bunch of random videos about Konrad Zuse's computers Z1 and Z3 that I found in random places on the net
[TXT]omemo-fingerprint.asc29-Aug-2018 11:18 1.3KMy OMEMO fingerprint(s), signed by my OpenPGP key
[   ]The Trenches 1.1 SVN Revision 544.rar02-Jan-2009 18:46 242MThe last SVN commit of the Half-Life 1 mod The Trenches before it went belly-up

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